13 Sins aka A Whole Lot of Fucked Up!

Ok, I was upstairs cleaning and I could hear my boyfriend, Bill, downstairs making comments to himself. This was kind of odd because the only time he talks to himself is in his sleep. So anyway, I finish up and go down to see what was going on.

He just started telling me to sit down and watch this movie with him. That it had like 13 challenges that this guy had to do and it was bizarre. Well they were on like challenge 7 at that point and all I can say is that it wasn’t bizarre. It was 50 shades of fucked up!!

So we are watching and we both are commenting to ourselves and making weird noises. I had to go outside for a cigarette through a couple of the parts. I can’t handle too much gore…even though the SAW series were some of my favorite movies. Hey, I never said I was normal.

The movie ended and we both just sat there saying how fucked up it was over and over again. So if you like fucked up, open up your Netflix and find 13 Sins. I probably only actually saw a quarter of the movie and I can say confidently that it was fucked up.


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