Very First Post!

Woo Hoo!!! This is my very first post on this blog!! I have been thinking and taking notes for a few days now as to what this blog was going to be all about. Wouldn’t you know that the time has come to start writing and I don’t have a witty word in my head.

That’s alright. You will grow to love my weird sense of humor, if you don’t find yourself laughing with me, you will be the one laughing at me! Yep, those will be the two main categories around here. But I welcome it since I spend half of my life laughing at myself.

I have had multiple blogs over the years trying to focus on a certain niche with each one. Every niche that I write about is good, of course, I am an expert in each one, obviously. Just ask me, I will tell you. But I found myself wanting to write about too many subjects that were off base to the current niche so I would start a new one. I am done with all of that shit. This is the one. The one and only blog that will cover all areas of my world.

Consider this your warning: There will be stuff in this blog that you will wish that you never read. But it will be too late. The images will be burnt into your brain for life, or at least until you have some alcoholic beverages. I would have said wine, but really, I am not a big wine drinker.


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