Parenting Award

Ok well i am getting ready for work and just heard one more thing on the news that just makes me want physically mutilate some parents. Another child has died in a hot car. How does this happen?


How can anyone be so stupid and ignorant? I get the whole routine driving thing, I did it for years and years and years. I have driven by one of their schools and had to turn around to go back to drop them off but I have never, ever left them in the damn car! Memory is not one of my strong suits either.


But my kids are my life and when you add a little common sense in with that you get to keep your children alive. Yay!!! It is not a hard concept people.


And as for us, the ones that don’t kill our children, when you see a child left in the car, no need to call the police. Take the child out safely, go find the parent, put them in the back seat, securely of course, we wouldn’t want them to be able to move, roll up the windows, lock the doors and walk away. For good measure hang a sign in the window saying that they did the same thing to their child.


I am so over this shit.


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