Give Up or Fight Through it?

Giving up or fighting through is my battle for today. I want to bawl my eyes out and go upstairs, lay in my bed and just sleep until I feel better. The alternative is to keep writing and think about why my man is acting weird toward me or that my kids don’t love me as much as they love their dad. Just be miserable in general.

My emotional state that I am in now actually started yesterday afternoon and has just intensified. I ran out of my Estraval pills that are for my hormones and it just so happens that we are also having a bad financial week thanks to the dirty rotten scoundrel that I wrote about the other day. So between money and hormones I am completely out of it and believe that everyone is out to hurt my feelings.

So you can see my dilemma. I should just be in bed so people don’t have to see me like this. But considering I am on meds for depression and always seem to be right on the edge of another breakdown that had me in bed for about a year, I am a little gun shy about just going to bed when I have a bad day.

When I am in a mood, I seem to be drawn to blog posts that are along the same lines. Last night I found this one from Jenny over at The Bloggess and just totally felt like she was my new best friend. Of course that post was written almost a year ago and she has thousands of people that feel the same way. Oh well, I like her. She now has my #1 favorite blog in the world.

Ok, I will go for now. My girls should be back here soon with my little Miss. Brooklyn and I need to grab some lunch. But I am sure I will have more postings before this day is over. Thank you for listening.

PS: My man works on commission selling large appliances at Sears in Augusta, ME. His name is Bill. Look him up and buy a ton of stuff with him…we need the money.

PSS: If you have any chocolate please share. I think it could really help my mood.




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