Does She Feel Desirable?

Make your woman think that she is the most beautiful, desirable woman in the world.

If you can conquer this it will solve a lot of problems that come up in relationships. I can’t say enough about compliments. They matter! Notice things about her and let her know how much you like it. Do this without expecting anything in return. This matters too. If you get upset that you don’t get a roll in the hay every time you say something nice then your words won’t mean much after a while. Trust me on this one. If she asks you if you like her outfit, and you really don’t, then just say something like, not as much as I love the way those blue jeans were snug on your ass yesterday!! It is ok not to like something, but there are nice ways of saying it. But, if you do like it, then tell her why. Let her know that the way her top makes her breasts look makes you want to throw her down on the bed before she gets out the door.

Go up to her at a time that it would be impossible to make love and just rub yourself up behind her and whisper something very naughty in her ear. Something that you know she loves and tell her if you were alone that you would be doing that all night long.

Don’t just do this for a couple of weeks and call it good. Make this a new routine. These are words that will only take one or two minutes out of your day but will last a lifetime to her. She wants to know that you not only love her, but that you want her too.


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