I Work SO Hard for that G-Spot O

As a woman, do you get frustrated to the fact that your man can orgasm in four minutes flat and you are lucky if you do at all?

First of all don’t blame them. I know that you do not want to hear that, but it is true. Take it as a compliment that your man can’t hold himself back any longer. But having a g-spot orgasm can be very difficult for some women. Some can achieve this very easily. Of course it is always good to try new positions, trying to get just the right spot. But keep it fun. If you are stressing out over it or making it more of a job than fun, then even if you hit the right spot it won’t be that great. But I do believe that a woman deserves to have an orgasm every time, just like their partner. But this can be a clitoral one. Let your man use his tongue to get you off then immediately penetrate you as you are writhing on the bed – don’t wait for the quivering to stop. It is amazing. Of course there are other ways, but as long as you are getting off as often as he is it will at least help.


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