The Games We Play – Part 3 of 4



Role Playing

How many of you like to role play? Now I ask how many of you have ever brought it into the bedroom? If you have no idea if this is something that your partner would ever be interested in, just ask. At some point, over coffee or dinner, just come out and say, “Don’t you wish that you could be my boss/teacher in the bedroom?” Wait for the response – if they say no, then try another scenario. Talk about what they might like, and then say, “well I have wondered what it would be like to be a prisoner and you my prison guard.” Whatever role you think they may like, just throw it out there. If they are into it than you may be trying it out that night. If they are a little unsure, than it may be a while – but trust me – it will come up eventually. They remember, just sometimes need the chance to make it look like it was their idea.


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