The Games We Play – Part 4 of 4


The Man’s Ego

This is old and still so true today. Men need to have their ego stroked. Whether it is the size of their “member” or how they use it – if we tell them how big it is or that they use it in ways that drive you mad (in a good way) then they will be very happy and be even more eager to please you. Even if “it” is on the small side, we shouldn’t point it out. Tell them that it is the perfect size for you. Any bigger and it would hurt you or you wouldn’t be able to fit so much in your mouth. No matter what you say, make sure it is positive. If a man’s ego is not boosted enough he will be unable to perform at top notch. Proven fact. If he is trying to prove himself then he won’t be focusing on pleasing you as much.


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