Too Embarrassed to Masturbate in Front of Your Partner?

Why hide it? I know that there are extreme circumstances that can occur that your partner can’t physically have sex as often as you want and so you hide it as to not hurt his/her feelings, but in general your partner would be very turned on to watch or even feel you give yourself this pleasure. If you are not in the extreme category, then why are you hiding it? Every single person out there has some sort of sexual needs. Yes, we are all different, but that doesn’t make it bad.

If you are masturbating because you have more time on your hands than your partner, then send them text messages or emails while they are at work – just say, “ Honey, I have been thinking about you all morning/day – just picturing you in that outfit that you have on really turns me on – I couldn’t help myself – I just got off imagining that I had you in the shower with me. – Oh the things that I would love to do to you!!” There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. It tells your partner many things: You noticed their outfit, you think about them when they are not around and you want them. I can’t express this enough. Letting your partner know how much you want them is never a bad thing.


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