Parents Guide to Best Practices for their Childs Daycare

This guide is to help parents and daycare providers have a great relationship, which will help your child in the long run. I have been on both sides of this, being a working mom in the beginning to a daycare provider in the end.

Parents: You need to trust your daycare. If you don’t then find a new one. This is critical for all involved.

Daycare: Be very clear of expectations with the parents right from the beginning. Open/close times, late fee’s, vacations, lunches, naps and anything else that is involved with your daily routines.

Parents: Sending your child to daycare for the first time is huge both emotionally and mentally. Make the transition smoother with knowledge. Yes, get to know the provider. Know their expectations. Have a clear understanding right up front that things will be different than when your child was just home with you all of the time. There will be other children, which means higher chances of illness and not so attractive attitude changes. Children learn the fastest by watching other children. This could be a blessing or a nightmare and sometimes both at the same time. This is normal. You can bring up the issue with your provider but do not expect them to put your child in a bubble. They do reprimand the naughty child and they do tell the parents, but your child will try it to see what happens. This is normal. This is where your parenting skills come in. I can go over this in more detail in other posts and into more specifics with each age group. Talk to your provider openly, not accusingly. Again, if you do not trust them, then do not bring your child there.

Daycare: You have been around the block with kids of all ages. A lot of your parents haven’t. This may even be their first child or first time needing a daycare. Be considerate and understanding while talking/listening to them. Have all of your expectations written out and signed by the parents. Make sure they understand what you expect up front so their isn’t any question down the road. Also keep in mind that this is new to the child too so there will be an adjustment period. Do not assume the parent knows everything. If there is an incident at daycare, please share that with all of the parents. You do not need to name names but let them know that their child may have witnessed a horrible tantrum, a biting/pushing situation or even older kids fighting. Keep the parents in “the know” so they can address it and use the situation as a learning tool.

These are basic ideas that may seem unimportant, but trust me they are key to having a great daycare provider/parent/child relationship.



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