Everything Happens for a Reason

So my day has been sent into a spin and I have only been awake for a few hours. My mother sent me a message this morning saying that she has put a “for sale” sign on her land up north and the one that I am living in is next. We knew it was coming but it is just more real now.

So a little panic set in. Nothing major, but a little. I pay my rent to my mother and I know that she depends on that money every month so I don’t want to move too quickly because that would leave her in a pinch. But at the same time, she followed through and put everything on the market so obviously she knows that we can’t wait until the last minute to find some place.

So I texted my girlfriend to tell her (half jokingly) that if her renters didn’t work out to let me know because the farm (my house I am in now) is on the market. I got a text back saying that her renters told her two days ago that they cant move in because they are going through a divorce. Perfect timing but scary as all get out.

The only thing she wants for rent is enough to cover her mortgage and insurance, then of course we would pay our own utilities. Which is an amazing deal for that house, BUT it is still almost tripling what we pay now. Things would be tight for sure. I think we could do it, but it scares me to death.

The timing of everything is crazy. Everything happens for a reason, so is this what is meant to be? That is the question.



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