Busy, Busy, Busy

After a very emotional day yesterday, a very busy day today is welcomed. It is keeping my mind occupied for the most part.

I have been taking care of my daughter since last night and have also been cleaning and prepping for the big lobster bake that I am hosting on Sunday.

Lots to do and this is my only day off. My work called me this morning to try and talk me into going in because they were short handed, but obviously I said no. My daughter needs me and I have a ton to do. I feel a little bad, because I normally do try to be available but not this time.

She just went to lay down so I decided to try to squeeze in a blog post. It looks like my other sites will need to wait until next week before I will be able to get to them.


Emotionally Challenging Day

Today has been very emotional for me, and I know why, but it is weird that it has affected me as much as it has.

First, if you have read my post, I Failed the Blog Challenge , then you know that I had spent the day Monday in the hospital with her. She hasn’t improved throughout the week so she called me at work this morning to let me know that her father had taken her back in. My poor girl is suffering so bad.

So like that isn’t emotional enough, I had a boy and his grandfather come into my work today because the boy had made a tough decision. You see, they were in a couple of weeks ago to see if we could order parts for the boys toolbox so he could fix it enough so that it could hold his dads tools. His dad had died a short time ago and this box and tools was all he had left. Unfortunately that particular style of the Craftsman Toolbox was discontinued years ago and you cant even get the parts, but my boss let me offer him a trade in for a brand new toolbox that was equivalent. That is the part he had to think about. To trade in his dead fathers toolbox to have a new one to hold his dead fathers tools.

Well that young man came in today making probably the toughest decision of his life. He traded the old one for a brand new one. Most people would be excited but I could see the pain in his little eyes. My heart was breaking for him. I wanted him to be able to keep that old box just to have and still have the new one that was at least functional. But no, I was told that we could not do that.

After I went out back trying to plead my case one more time, I was still told no. What were they going to do with that old box anyway? Throw it in the trash, so to speak. (Just so you know, I did not do any of this in front of the little boy or his family). I was crying walking back to my section. I felt so bad for him and he was being so strong and brave. He was doing the right thing even though it hurt.

I couldn’t let it go, still can’t. I tried calling the store back tonight after I had left to try one more time, the answer was still no. This just doesn’t seem fair. My work explained that it was done through a warranty exchange and it will get thrown away, but not until it gets sent back to Craftsman for verification. It makes sense, but I just thought it would have been a good deed since that little boy was trying to do the grown up thing even though it was causing him so much obvious pain.

So those are my two emotional triggers for today. I am signing off now since my daughter will be dropped off here with her mamma in just a few minutes.


I Failed The Blog Challenge

I am hanging my head low today. I just realized that I did not post to this blog yesterday. I did post to my business blog and I will share it here. Don’t check out my site though, it is not ready…I just started it. I will let you all know when it is ready. But anyway, let me give a brief explanation of what happened yesterday.

I got a call first thing in the morning from my daughter saying that she needed to go to the hospital. That is where we spent our day and then I brought her home with me so I could take care of her. She is still in pain, but the pain meds help to relieve some of it.

Life Events Blog


Building Your Inner Self

Today has been one of those days that I had very deep emotional talks with co-workers and customers. It was a little weird how open everyone was today, but I absolutely loved it. Sometimes I wonder what about me lets people trust me with their deepest thoughts, but it must be genuine and natural to me because it happens often.

I love the conversations that people share with me. I feel their emotions and it affects me deeply but they need to talk about things and I am pretty sure that I was put on this earth to listen and offer encouragement when appropriate. I wish I could do this for a living but I don’t think it would be the same.

Maybe I could run a support group or something. But to add volunteer work to my already crazy schedule would probably put me over the edge. Something will pop up if it is meant to be I am sure. Everything happens for a reason, right? Right. My mind has been wandering in so many directions for the past couple of days. I am pretty sure that I am at a point in my life that I need to stop dabbling and actually pursue something full force.


Exciting News…

I am bursting at the seams, but can’t say too much. Yesterday was a very eventful day for me. There are big things coming for me and for all of you. Something that I came up with a couple of years ago has finally taken off!

Not telling you what it happening is so hard considering I pretty much blog about all of my inner most thoughts. But this one I can’t. I even tried telling them that I don’t have a big following but they said it didn’t matter.

In Honor of Robin Williams

It is such a very sad day in my household. The news of Robin Williams death has affected me deeply. Depression and suicide is front and center in my family and this scares me to death. I have lost a brother to this and I want to do my part to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

Depression and suicide go hand in hand. Not all people suffering with depression commit suicide and not all suicides are caused by depression. But the majority are related. I know too many people that are diagnosed with severe depression and it scares me to think that one of them could be the next suicide victim.

I want to raise awareness, more awareness, on this. There are people that would rather go untreated then to feel the side effects of the wrong depression medication. And anyone that has been on the wrong depression meds know exactly what I am talking about. Why cant we fix this? There must be a way of testing a persons make-up or whatever to see which medication would work best or which ones would make them completely insane. Help me raise money to do more research to find out.

Now to come up with a challenge, like the “Ice Bucket Challenge” for ALS. Something that everyone could do for $10.00 but has the option of donating $100.00 to get out of doing the challenge.

So who wants to help come up with something amazing and help spread the word once we figure it out?


Heaven & Hell

I have a dilemma that I will need help and guidance from all of you. At this point in my life I should know more about the different religions, But I don’t. But I do have certain beliefs that are important to me and would like to find a church that agrees. At least for the most part.

When I was young my grandmother brought me to her church once in a while and it was fun. Baptist maybe. I really am not sure but I remember having a community thing where there was a cake walk and climbing a slimy pole to get to the top. So obviously it was fun, but that is about all I remember.

When I was getting married and having children, my husband’s family were all Catholic so I took some classes so we could be married in the church. I also had my children baptized. I remember the church services themselves being very boring for me and the kids. Then I realized that we do not have the same views on certain things. For one, they told me that my brother and I were going to Hell. Wait, actually they told me one week after my brother commit suicide that he was already in Hell and that is where he would stay due to what he did to end his life. Then they told me I would go to Hell if I weren’t baptized Catholic before I died.

So obviously I was no longer a fan, especially considering that I don’t think that being gay is a choice and I really like the idea of psychics and mediums. Ya, this religion just isn’t right for me.

My brother married into a Pentecostal family which was fun, but way too many rules for me. So that was out. But I will say that his entire church are amazing people and what they did for my family when my brother died is something that I will never forget. But still not the religion choice for me.

My two oldest brothers were baptized Prodistent, but I have no idea what that is.

I have a couple of friends that are members of the Church of the Nazarene and they seem to do a lot for their community and seem to have fun, but I know nothing of their beliefs. I heard they were Mormons and are like a cult. But really I have no idea.

So here I am. I am a good person with a huge heart. I do not judge people or look down on anyone. I believe in ghosts and spirits. And even though my brother died by his own hand I don’t believe he is in Hell. I went to a medium and he came through. There was no sense of Hell anywhere around us.

I am not perfect but I really don’t believe that God would send me to Hell for smoking a cigarette, having a drink on the weekends or even cussing like a pirate. I really don’t. So I am hoping to find a religion that fits in with my beliefs, is fun and does good in the community. Is there such a thing?


My Dilemma with the Needs of the Rich and Poor

I have found myself in a position that has two families torn apart by tragedy. One family has quite a bit of money and is very well known in the community. The other is a young family that doesn’t have money and don’t know a lot of people around them.

Both families lost a loved one. One lost their teenage daughter and the other lost the father, leaving the mom of three very young children alone and financially stressed, even before the funeral costs. Both very tragic and sad. And both had a Go Fund Me page set up to raise the same amount of money. I am not sure exactly what the fundraiser was being used for the wealthier family, but they were both asking for ten thousand dollars.

The wealthy family reached that goal over night. Yes, one night, not even 24 hours. Plus they still have four or five more taking place this weekend. The poor family has raise about one hundred and fifty dollars in months. Yes MONTHS. In the mean time she has the collectors for the funeral costs calling once a week/month for a payment and also charging a quite hefty interest charge each and every month.

I am not blaming anyone, obviously, but I just feel so bad. They both are dealing with a great loss of a loved one, but one will not also have to endure a financial loss or bill collectors or that constant reminder from the funeral home that they still owe money because of a death that they had no control over. One lost once, the other lost twice.

I reached out to the “poor” one yesterday in hopes that I will be able to help somehow. Obviously I can’t do a lot but I didn’t know what else to do. Both families deserve support through this difficult time, but because of the financial differences I only reached out to one. I don’t like this at all. And it isn’t anybody’s fault.

One family is older and has been through the schools and sports and have just built relationships with more people while the other was just out of school themselves, busy having their small children and trying to set themselves up for their future.

What are your thoughts? Like I sad, nobody’s fault in either situation, but it still sucks.



Blogging to do Good

This is just an idea that happens to be running through my head at the moment, but wouldn’t it actually be a great feeling to be able to do some good with our blogs? I know that many bloggers offer support and comfort for certain things and that is along the lines as to what I am thinking, but not quite.

Seriously I don’t even know what I mean exactly but I know that I want to be able to do good for my community, my state and my country. If you have read my ABOUT page, then you know that I am involved with an amazing company that is all about doing good. Melaleuca has changed my life in more ways than even I know. That is why I give a large percentage of my monthly income from them away to some of my favorite charities.  The Make A Wish Foundation in Maine is my favorite one to help. My daughter is a wish a child so this is very close to my heart.

Bill questions me about what I give away but the way I see it is I do what makes me feel good. I work at my job to pay my bills and get by. My Mela checks are just bonus money really. Not that I am rich by any means, but money doesn’t buy happiness, but it certainly helps our community that have needs. In my eyes if I need more money than I just have to work harder or maybe just smarter.

So anyways, my blog is still a baby and has a lot of growing to do (so help me grow…like, comment and share to anyone and everyone…hee hee…no, but seriously)  but once it does I want to do good with it. Any suggestions of how to do that? Some sort of community involvement or something like that? I don’t know. It just popped into my head so I had to blog it.

I will keep thinking on it and will let you know.



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