Fairy Houses

I have always wanted to be like a fairy or pixie. Are they the same thing? I am guessing there are differences but that has no affect on my thoughts. Cute little angelic things with wings. I find myself in a situation that has made me consider building a life size fairy house and living in it.

Bill may not be too impressed, especially with the name, but he will come around. Eventually. I hope. A secret garden with a secret fairy house is bound to attract other real fairies don’t ya think? I think he may like that part. Picture this but BIGGER….

fairy house

Cute right? How about this one…

fairy house5

Ok I like this one too but it may be a little on the creepy side. What do you think?

fairy house3

Something about it attracts me but gives me the willies at the same time.

So now that my decision is final I have a few more things to work out. I will be needing to have a beautiful garden to really get the fairies coming in. Bill will have that covered because he is just amazing like that. Research will need to be done though because I do not want naughty fairies, I want the helpful ones that like to cook and clean. I should be able to get all of that info on Google. You can find everything on Google.

Since I won’t have fairy wings, I will still need to get around. Which kind of vehicle would be most appropriate for a fairy wanna-be? A beetle bug? So much to think about and so little time. What part of the world would be best for fairies? I hope it is close to my job. I am not big on long commutes. Road trips are one thing, but just to go back and forth to work is not happening. Maybe once I have earned my wings but not just yet.



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