To Jog, Walk or Crawl? That is the Question.

This post is being written for absolutely everybody no matter your size, age or sex. I was watching the news last night and what I heard really helped put things into perspective for me. (I know, I know. The news is usually full of depressing shit but this part was actually helpful.)

How many of you can find five minutes a day to do something that will reduce your risk of death by 45%? I am thinking just about everybody. Even me. Sometimes the thought of doing anything healthy is overwhelming and just seems useless to someone like me. I am 41, overweight, out of shape and am a smoker. But I bet I can find five minutes to change my life.

When I get home from my job I am usually exhausted. I am on my feet on cement floors the entire shift, but obviously I need more. So the news said that if we can run for five minutes, FIVE minutes then we can reduce our risk of dying of heart disease significantly. This certainly helps the overwhelming part. I did listen closely to the fine print and they did say that if you can’t run, then jogging or walking also works. I may have to crawl in the beginning, but I will eventually be able to walk.

So anyway, I am going to give this an honest effort. Who is with me? We can all do this. Every single one of us. Maybe I will take progress selfies. This makes it so easy, it would be just wrong to NOT give it a shot.


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