Child Molestation

There I was, relaxing in my living room,

When he walked in and acted like the groom.

I was lifted up and then we sat back down,

A blanket to cover his hand in my nightgown.

A whisper in my ear to say its alright,

He loves that my privates are so tight.

I close my eyes to hide the pain,

I just wish I knew what he had to gain.

He slides my hand to cover his thing,

He says that I make him feel like a king.

I do my part and try to obey,

I know the misery when he makes me pay.

He whispers weird things in my ear,

Like how he wants to put it in my rear.

That scares me for my life,

Since I know that he will use his knife.

Next thing I know in one swift move,

His thing is in my mouth and he has something to prove.

He is moving my head up and down,

Told me to make sure to keep his juices down.

I know what happens when I do it wrong,

The next time is way too hard and strong.

I have been given plenty of lessons on this stuff,

Just not sure how many years will be enough.

He keeps saying that it feels so good,

But without the threats he knows I never would.

My cousin and I are a strange mix,

But he says that he loves the fact that I am only six.




My Suicide Note

As I sit here under the light,

I keep thinking that I wont be here tonight.

The thought scares me half to death,

Wondering when I will take my last breath.

My man is sitting here rocking away,

Having no idea that this is my last day.

The thoughts that are running through my head,

Makes me wish that I never got out of bed.

Telling my family would be the right thing to have done,

But seeing the pain wouldn’t help anyone.

Karma has come to bite my ass,

This is how I pay for the sins of my past.

My children and my mom will hurt the most,

but it will be too late by the time they read this post.

I love you more than you will ever know,

But I have reasons for needing to go.

I am a coward, that is for sure,

But for now there is no cure.

As the time to say good-bye nears,

Please don’t cry, I don’t deserve the tears.


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