Moosehead Lake

One of the many things that Bill and I have in common is that we both love going on random road trips. I am always taking pictures and we just love to see all the amazing views that New England has to offer. This trip was to the Moosehead Lake Region.

I used to camp on the lake with my parents when I was young even though I don’t really remember. But we have camped “up north” all of our lives but neither of us have camped on Moosehead lake in any years that we can remember. Jackman is usually the spot for my family since my parents own land up there. But I am a sucker for that crystal clear water with the most amazing views of the mountains. It is just gorgeous!

I seem to be attracted to water of all kinds, well, water and rocks. There is just something about it that is mesmerizing. Whether it is the ocean, rivers, lakes or even some ponds there is just an attraction that I can’t resist. I really need to have many homes so I can have one on each. I don’t think I could just pick one.

The day was filled with excitement. Before we made our way to Moosehead, we went up through Eustis to the Canadian border. That was exciting. We didn’t have passports with us so of course we didn’t cross, but it was still pretty cool. We went on roads that neither of us had ever been on. We have been all over Maine in our life time but there is just so much to see.

But one amazing thing that came from this trip is that we both decided that we would rent a camp right on Moosehead Lake next summer. So as soon as we got home we did some research to find the perfect place. And just as we thought we had found one, Bill’s daughter knows someone who has a beautiful home that they only rent out to friends…they charge half the price and it is beautiful!! Done deal. Next summer we will be spending at least a week in the most gorgeous spot in Maine!

I was quite surprised that throughout our entire trip we did not see a moose or a bear, but we did see one deer. I see more than that in my yard at home. But that is alright. The odds just went up for next trip!



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