The Games We Play – Part 4 of 4


The Man’s Ego

This is old and still so true today. Men need to have their ego stroked. Whether it is the size of their “member” or how they use it – if we tell them how big it is or that they use it in ways that drive you mad (in a good way) then they will be very happy and be even more eager to please you. Even if “it” is on the small side, we shouldn’t point it out. Tell them that it is the perfect size for you. Any bigger and it would hurt you or you wouldn’t be able to fit so much in your mouth. No matter what you say, make sure it is positive. If a man’s ego is not boosted enough he will be unable to perform at top notch. Proven fact. If he is trying to prove himself then he won’t be focusing on pleasing you as much.


The Games We Play – Part 3 of 4



Role Playing

How many of you like to role play? Now I ask how many of you have ever brought it into the bedroom? If you have no idea if this is something that your partner would ever be interested in, just ask. At some point, over coffee or dinner, just come out and say, “Don’t you wish that you could be my boss/teacher in the bedroom?” Wait for the response – if they say no, then try another scenario. Talk about what they might like, and then say, “well I have wondered what it would be like to be a prisoner and you my prison guard.” Whatever role you think they may like, just throw it out there. If they are into it than you may be trying it out that night. If they are a little unsure, than it may be a while – but trust me – it will come up eventually. They remember, just sometimes need the chance to make it look like it was their idea.

The Games We Play – Part 2 of 4

The initiator and the tease –

Some couples have the one person that is always the one to initiate. Being the tease but will very rarely initiate is ok – as long as you are letting your partner know that you want them in other ways. Also let them know that you are not comfortable climbing into bed and just starting things outright. There are usually signs that your partner is in the mood without them coming out and saying it. Like when she lays in bed and backs up into you and wiggles her tush a little into your member. Or have you feel her freshly shaven leg while wearing something a little bit more romantic than normal. I use these examples in a point of view as the woman being the non-initiator – because 9 times out of 10 this is the situation. The important thing is to accept your roles and learn to love them. If you take time to truly know your partner than you should be able to read between the lines.

The Games We Play – Part 1 of 4


Do you and your partner talk dirty in the bedroom? It can be very healthy and bring out some erotic feelings that you didn’t even know you had.

Are you asking yourself what you would even say? Well, I will give you a little tidbit in just a moment. But just keep in mind that this kind of talk will differ from couple to couple. Also keep in mind that this is bedroom talk for fantasy only. You can pretend that it is real at the time, but 99% of the time if you try to act on certain parts of it – your love life would turn into total disaster. Also there are times that one person in the relationship might not be in the mood to do this each and every time that you make love. But on those hot nights that you are both are really into it you could say something that suits you, maybe something like, “Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone here tonguing your clit while I am penetrating you? Or maybe having someone in the room to watch while you make crazy love – make them wish that they could join in.” Like I said, those are just tidbit ideas and every couple will come up with their own little fantasy.

Try it out and send me some feedback.

Does She Feel Desirable?

Make your woman think that she is the most beautiful, desirable woman in the world.

If you can conquer this it will solve a lot of problems that come up in relationships. I can’t say enough about compliments. They matter! Notice things about her and let her know how much you like it. Do this without expecting anything in return. This matters too. If you get upset that you don’t get a roll in the hay every time you say something nice then your words won’t mean much after a while. Trust me on this one. If she asks you if you like her outfit, and you really don’t, then just say something like, not as much as I love the way those blue jeans were snug on your ass yesterday!! It is ok not to like something, but there are nice ways of saying it. But, if you do like it, then tell her why. Let her know that the way her top makes her breasts look makes you want to throw her down on the bed before she gets out the door.

Go up to her at a time that it would be impossible to make love and just rub yourself up behind her and whisper something very naughty in her ear. Something that you know she loves and tell her if you were alone that you would be doing that all night long.

Don’t just do this for a couple of weeks and call it good. Make this a new routine. These are words that will only take one or two minutes out of your day but will last a lifetime to her. She wants to know that you not only love her, but that you want her too.

I Work SO Hard for that G-Spot O

As a woman, do you get frustrated to the fact that your man can orgasm in four minutes flat and you are lucky if you do at all?

First of all don’t blame them. I know that you do not want to hear that, but it is true. Take it as a compliment that your man can’t hold himself back any longer. But having a g-spot orgasm can be very difficult for some women. Some can achieve this very easily. Of course it is always good to try new positions, trying to get just the right spot. But keep it fun. If you are stressing out over it or making it more of a job than fun, then even if you hit the right spot it won’t be that great. But I do believe that a woman deserves to have an orgasm every time, just like their partner. But this can be a clitoral one. Let your man use his tongue to get you off then immediately penetrate you as you are writhing on the bed – don’t wait for the quivering to stop. It is amazing. Of course there are other ways, but as long as you are getting off as often as he is it will at least help.

Oral Sex


Of course this is a personal preference for every couple. But if you choose to do it – don’t be one sided. If you receive, then you should give. I could write hundreds of articles on this topic, but the bottom line is if you are a monogamous couple then go ahead and do it. Almost a guaranteed orgasm if done right. Practice makes perfect. If you are looking for specific information on this subject please send me a message. I will write specific article to try and cover these particular subjects.

The Queef


Definition: an expulsion of wind from the vulva during coitus; a vaginal fart.

Probably one of the most embarrassing things that happens during or after sex.

Ladies, this happens to ALL women if they are having sex in the doggy style or an acrobatic position. It is just air from the insertion of an object (usually his penis) or trapped air still in there after he pulls out. Embarrassing? Yes. Abnormal? No.

Any way to avoid it? Not that I know of. Some people try exhaling deeply just as he enters her, but nothing to say that this actually works. Nobody likes to talk about it but it is happening everywhere. Don’t let it stop you from trying new positions – usually these positions are the best orgasm getters!

Too Embarrassed to Masturbate in Front of Your Partner?

Why hide it? I know that there are extreme circumstances that can occur that your partner can’t physically have sex as often as you want and so you hide it as to not hurt his/her feelings, but in general your partner would be very turned on to watch or even feel you give yourself this pleasure. If you are not in the extreme category, then why are you hiding it? Every single person out there has some sort of sexual needs. Yes, we are all different, but that doesn’t make it bad.

If you are masturbating because you have more time on your hands than your partner, then send them text messages or emails while they are at work – just say, “ Honey, I have been thinking about you all morning/day – just picturing you in that outfit that you have on really turns me on – I couldn’t help myself – I just got off imagining that I had you in the shower with me. – Oh the things that I would love to do to you!!” There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. It tells your partner many things: You noticed their outfit, you think about them when they are not around and you want them. I can’t express this enough. Letting your partner know how much you want them is never a bad thing.

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