Heaven & Hell

I have a dilemma that I will need help and guidance from all of you. At this point in my life I should know more about the different religions, But I don’t. But I do have certain beliefs that are important to me and would like to find a church that agrees. At least for the most part.

When I was young my grandmother brought me to her church once in a while and it was fun. Baptist maybe. I really am not sure but I remember having a community thing where there was a cake walk and climbing a slimy pole to get to the top. So obviously it was fun, but that is about all I remember.

When I was getting married and having children, my husband’s family were all Catholic so I took some classes so we could be married in the church. I also had my children baptized. I remember the church services themselves being very boring for me and the kids. Then I realized that we do not have the same views on certain things. For one, they told me that my brother and I were going to Hell. Wait, actually they told me one week after my brother commit suicide that he was already in Hell and that is where he would stay due to what he did to end his life. Then they told me I would go to Hell if I weren’t baptized Catholic before I died.

So obviously I was no longer a fan, especially considering that I don’t think that being gay is a choice and I really like the idea of psychics and mediums. Ya, this religion just isn’t right for me.

My brother married into a Pentecostal family which was fun, but way too many rules for me. So that was out. But I will say that his entire church are amazing people and what they did for my family when my brother died is something that I will never forget. But still not the religion choice for me.

My two oldest brothers were baptized Prodistent, but I have no idea what that is.

I have a couple of friends that are members of the Church of the Nazarene and they seem to do a lot for their community and seem to have fun, but I know nothing of their beliefs. I heard they were Mormons and are like a cult. But really I have no idea.

So here I am. I am a good person with a huge heart. I do not judge people or look down on anyone. I believe in ghosts and spirits. And even though my brother died by his own hand I don’t believe he is in Hell. I went to a medium and he came through. There was no sense of Hell anywhere around us.

I am not perfect but I really don’t believe that God would send me to Hell for smoking a cigarette, having a drink on the weekends or even cussing like a pirate. I really don’t. So I am hoping to find a religion that fits in with my beliefs, is fun and does good in the community. Is there such a thing?



Tarot Card Reading

Last night I had an interesting opportunity to have a Tarot Card Reading which is something that I have never done before. Personally I love things like psychic readings, paranormal activity or aura readings but have never had or even been around Tarot cards.

A friend of mine that I haven’s seen in a couple of years has been taking classes and learning a lot about the spiritual world. Something that I have always been interested in but have never pursued. So last night two of my friends and myself got together for dinner and when we finished eating we were waiting patiently (sort of) for her to bring the cards out.

My friend wanted me to go first and I was all about it. I couldn’t wait. My life has gone through and still is going through many changes and I feel like I am on top of the world, most of the time. I have bad days but compared to where I was just two years ago it is amazing!

She began by laying ten cards out in front of me all in a certain place and position. Let me back up a second, before we began she had me holding the cards and shuffling them. She said that if I had a question that I wanted an answer to, to be thinking about it as I shuffled. Well, I had a million questions, but none of which I really wanted an answer to. So I just really wanted to know if I was on the right path. I said none of this out loud.

So the cards are there and she begins to tell me her interpretation of what they mean. I was a little puzzled at first but she kept talking and giving me relate-able examples and it all started making complete sense. They/she were dead on. I couldn’t believe it.

So I was impressed to say the least. All of this got my juices flowing and now I am pretty sure that I am going to follow through with some psychic development classes and see where that takes me.


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